Our History

The Moretown Methodist Church, an icon of Mad River Valley, was built in its current site in the village, once known as “the Hollow” in 1853. There once was a Methodist church on Moretown Common which fell into disuse as the populace moved from that area into the “Hollow” where there were new business’s being established as well as the mills, activity and employment.

This new structure did not include the lovely furnishings we see now, nor the stained glass windows. It was basically a box, with plank floors and bench seating, kept warm on Sunday mornings in the winter by wood heat. There was a large barn out behind where one would tie up their horse and rig during the service.

In 1861 a young minister named Joshua Gill who was serving this church wrote to his parents in Pittsfield MA. the following, speaking of Moretown “The pleasant village and very pleasant parsonage, nice church edifice and quite a large society. Religion is at a discount, but I hope to see the church quickened and sinners saved.” He finished the letter with a flourish describing Moretown as “a democratic town as a consequence, there is some rum and a good deal of worldliness.”

Over the years there have been several changes; the stained glass windows were added around 1875, a complete refurbishing of the inside in 1922 and continued tweaking as the years have progressed. The year 2003 was a banner year of preservation and upkeep and celebration as we celebrated our 150 anniversary.

Moretown United Methodist Church

The church has been the center of Christian activities over the years in addition to regular Sunday services there have been many years of Sunday school and youth fellowship. Plenty of meals and cook
outs and concerts and fund raisers. Meetings of dozens of different types, as well as funerals and weddings and to this day the list continues on.

The Parsonage across the street has served as housing for various pastors and now serves as a meeting place for various groups as well as serving meals and making a place for fund raisers.

Moretown United Methodist Church